Released on February 23, 2018, this Maynard Ferguson recording includes re-mastered favorites, plus a never released before bonus track Shanti Mantra, which was replaced by the hit Gonna Fly Now (theme from the movie Rocky) on the original Conquistador album. This re-mastering has produced a stellar sonic quality. It would make a great gift for a new trumpeter as their introduction to Maynard Ferguson.

Released 1976, this Maynard Ferguson recording includes Ferguson's hit Gonna Fly Now, the theme from the movie Rocky.

Released in 1974 this Maynard Ferguson recording includes, Chameleon composed by Paul Jackson, Harvey Mason, Bennie Maupin and Herbie Hancock. This tune features the trumpet section. In live performance, Ferguson would have the entire trumpet section come down to center stage to play this with him.

Chick Corea's La Fiesta with a special treat of Ferguson playing all trumpet parts in the featured solo trumpet section.

This is one of Maynard Ferguson's most popular live recordings. Recorded live At Jimmy's in New York City in 1973. This contains the second time Ferguson recorded MacArthur Park. First released on vinyl as a two-record set, and every tune on here is enjoyable.

Released in 1972 this Maynard Ferguson recording includes, Give It One composed by Alan Downey and Maynard Ferguson, and arranged by Alan Downey. A tune when performed live was greeted with abundant enthusiasm from the audience. Ferguson typically would launch right into this tune right after his signature intro music.

Released 1968, this Maynard Ferguson recording includes a Michael Abene composition, Knarf, and Slide Hampton's Olé.

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