Music Stands and Music Stand Accessories

It's important to have as comfortable a practice environment as you can. An investment in a good quality music stand to suit your needs goes a long way. All the products on this page are made to work together.

Very popular and with good reason. This basic model stand can be used while standing or sitting during your practice. Longest lasting, most durable music stand made. Friction-tilt neck. Solid-brass bearings, greaseless heavy-duty chrome inner shaft, and the original "Magic Finger Clutch" provides one-hand friction grip. Secure at any height, even with a heavy load of music, although we recommend you also purchase the Manhasset 2400 Shaft Lock for additional support to prevent the stand from sliding down.

Unique double desk construction provides easily accessible music storage. You no longer have to try to pile everything on one surface. This is an ideal music stand to use in your own studio, because you can store your everyday technical studies on the back shelf and only bring forward what you're working on.

You have to be able to comfortably see your music, and good lighting is often overlooked. This is a must-have for rehearsal or performance especially on darkened stages or in windowless studios. Model 1000 has an 8-foot power cord. Easy to install, it simply clamps on to the music stand. Complete with 40-watt bulb, 8-foot cord, and switch.

Features include glare-free full-width, audience-shielded illumination, ample clearance of even the taller scores of music, and dual clips for assured attachment yet easily installed and removed. Baked-on durable black enamel finish. Rigorously inspected and tested, this lamp is designed for years of trouble free service, ETL and CSA approved.

This 40 watt frosted light bulb fits the Manhasset 1000 School Music Stand Light Lamp. 1000 Average rated hours.

Locks onto any Manhasset Music Stand shaft allowing the stand to hold up to 75 lbs. This will prevent your music stand from sliding down because of the additional weight of all your sheet music and mobile tablet.  Easily Adjustable. Stand Sold Separately.

The standard shaft easily holds 10 to 12 lbs. However, multiple large technical books can add up quickly. The Shaft-Lock is easily retrofitted onto any Manhasset music stand shaft, instantly allowing your stand to support up to 75 lbs. With its fingertip twist mechanism, you can quickly adjust and lock the height at any position. With the Shaft-Lock. In the unlocked position, the music stand functions in the normal fashion.

You have a beautiful wood floor, and want to be able to put your music stand anyplace you like. The floor protectors allow you to do that. Made in the USA. Lifetime warranty. Fits all Manhasset stands (except for Voyager). Set of three. These floor protectors prevent scratches, marks and gouges to wood or tile floors. The vinyl protectors slip easily onto the base "toes" and stay firmly in place.