Trumpet Solos

These are the most widely practiced and performed trumpet solos.

This is a very popular piccolo trumpet work, performed and recorded often. With it being in D Major, it is performed on the piccolo trumpet in A. This French edition is from the Maurice André collection, published by Gérard Billaudot.

This is the most popular trumpet concerto ever written. From Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics.

The Hummel like the Haydn, is very popular, performed and recorded often.

A well-known trumpet piece that is popular for recitals and college auditions. It is technically demanding but with practice, mastery of it is possible. High school and college players are very familiar with working on the Concert Etude. Some play it at a very fast tempo, but remember to start off slowly and it helps greatly to practice with a metronome.

The Arutunian is a more modern concerto than the Haydn and Hummel, and has a very expressive style. You will need a cup mute for the middle section of the concerto. Edited by the legendary Roger Voisin.

Kent Kennan's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano is popular trumpet solo literature for trumpet music majors. Many college trumpet rexcitable include this wonderful work.

Composer: Johann Baptist Georg Neruda. Brietkopf & Hartel Edition. Edition for Trumpet and Piano. This concerto, like the Haydn and the Hummel, is also in Eb, and is suitable to be played on an Eb trumpet if you have access to one, but can also be performed on the Bb trumpet.

The Hindemith is a modern period work and can be a challenge. It is recommended to be fully prepared before you begin rehearsals with a pianist. Study your trumpet solo part, and the piano part as well to see how the two instruments work together.