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So You Want To Be A Trumpet Player

by Joe F. Phelps

Mr. Phelps with over 30 years of trumpet teaching experience has authored a book geared towards the high school and college trumpet player. Mr. Phelps studied with William Adam, at Indiana University School of Music, for his undergraduate work and on a continuing basis for more than 30 years. His influential teachers were David Ritter (University of Central Arkansas), John Haynie (University of North Texas), Fred Peterson (Eastern Kentucky University), and Gil Johnson (University of Miami).

Mr. Phelps' new book is dedicated to Mr. William Adam, Professor Emeritus. So You Want To Be A Trumpet Player priced at $24.00 can be ordered at:

Joe F. Phelps
272 Deerhaven Lane
Vilas, NC 28692-9725

Please make your checks payable to Joe F. Phelps for $24.00, which includes shipping within the US. For International orders add $4.00.

A comment from the author (Joe Phelps):

I will try to describe what is in the book as best I can.  First of all, it is not a technique book, about embouchure, breathing, etc.  Those things are usually very individual and are very difficult to explain in writing.  It is about things that I thought my trumpet students, over the past 30 years, should have known, or understood better.  It is things trumpet players should know about trumpet playing:  Listening, practice, practice routines, sight-reading, transposition,etc. How to think about trumpet and trumpet playing.

The book is written in an informal style, much like I talked to my students in lessons.  I tried to use some of the same stories and examples, drawn from my own experiences, that I used in my teaching.

The book is dedicated to Bill Adam, a legendary trumpet teacher and my teacher at Indiana University, and over the past 35 years.  It reflects a lot of his ideas, because that is what I know and believe in.  There are 68 pages of text, and 18 of lists, etc.  The lists are very basic and often subjective.  I don't think it is the "end all" trumpet book, but it addresses some things that aspiring and serious trumpet players need to know and think about.  

Thanks, Joe

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