Q: If my trumpet were a car, what make would it be?


Monette: Rolls Royce

Blackburn: Jaguar

Calicchio: Ferrari

Lawler: Porsche

Smith Watkins: Aston Martin

Schilke: Mercedes

Kanstul: BMW
(15xx series = Signature Class, 9xx series = Custom, etc.)

Flip Oake's Wild Thing: Range Rover

Taylor: Morgan

Selmer (Paris): Peugeot

Courtois: Citroen

Callet: Audi

Stomvi: Pegasos (a classic Spanish auto)

Bach: Volvo (solid cars, but boring)

F. Besson: Toyota
(so many models, confusing names)

Yamaha: Honda (this is way too easy)

Yamaha Custom: Acura

Holton: Chevrolet

Martin: Cadillac (for you, Miles)

Blessing: Oldsmobile

Getzen: Dodge

DEG: Plymouth

Edwards: Chrysler (had to be)

UMI/Conn: Ford

Conn Vintage One:
The New Thunderbird

UMI/King: Mercury

UMI/Benge: Lincoln (had to be)

Jupiter: Saturn (ho!)

Amati: Yugo


Vintage Horns (and Cars)

Ford (Model T, Model A)

Connstellation: Packard

Selmer (Paris) Balanced Action:

Burbank/LA Benge:
Vintage Porsche

F.E. Olds & Co Mendez
Vintage Ford Thunderbird

F.E. Olds & Co Ambassador
Volkswagen Type 1 Sedan
(i.e., the old bug)

Mt. Vernon Bach
Studebaker Commander Starliner


I'm still working on and refining this thing, so helpful comments are appreciated. Comments which may not be helpful, but are funny, are also welcome.


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