This is an excellent collection of Chuck Mangione including great tunes before his hit, Feels So Good propelled him to the forefront of popular radio.

  • Alison Balsom

    Balsom is a fine classical trumpet player with a warm tone.

  • Arturo Sandoval

    Sandoval is comfortable playing in any style of music, but is mostly known for his jazz. He plays with a great full open sound.

  • Bill Chase

    Bill Chase had performed with Woody Herman and Maynard Ferguson and like Ferguson had amazing control in the upper register.
  • Chris Botti

    Botti has a dark signature sound.

  • Clifford Brown

    Brown in addition to being a great jazz soloist was a terrific trumpet player with a very pleasant overall style of playing.

  • Chuck Mangione

    The most popular flugelhorn player of all time.
  • Conrad Gozzo

    Gozzo had the power of a fine lead trumpet player equally matched with the musical style of a fine soloist.

  • Doc Severinsen

    Leader of The NBC Orchestra which was the house band for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Known for his impressive technical abilities, great sound through-out the entire register of the trumpet and able to play in a vast number of styles.

  • Freddie Hubbard

    Hubbard plays jazz improvisational solos as if they were composed melodies.

  • Maurice André

    André was the finest classical trumpet soloist. André still remains the gold standard for piccolo trumpet playing.
  • Maynard Ferguson

    Known for his amazing control in the upper register and lyrical style of playing.
  • Rafael Méndez

    Known for his virtuosity control over the trumpet. A role model of articulation.

  • Roy Hargrove

    Hargrove has a distinctive and tasteful sound in addition to being an excellent jazz improviser.

  • Timofei Dokshizer

    Dokshizer was considered the Jascha Heifetz of the trumpet.
  • Tine Thing Helseth

    Helseth is a wonderful trumpet soloist with a beautiful sound.

  • Warren Luening

    Luening was a soloist and session player in Los Angeles, California for many years accomplished in many music styles.
  • Wayne Bergeron

    Bergeron is a trumpet soloist and a top call session player in Los Angeles, California. He is very enjoyable to listen to in high register playing and in ballads.

  • Wynton Marsalis

    Marsalis' classical playing is pristine.

  • Horn Bands

    The pinnacle of bands that featured horn sections with top trumpet players.