Fired Up! for 5 Trumpets
by David A. Roth
$29.95 (score and parts)

Fired Up! is a swing piece with a performance time of 2:30.

Fired Up! sheet music coverFired Up! sheet music page

With the range not exceeding a high "C," this tune is accessible to many college and some high school trumpet players.

There is no lead part in the traditional sense; the lead part is shared among the section, giving each player a section in which they can be heard on lead.

There is also a small improv section which includes a transcription of the solo as played by Barry Springer at the premiere. You may choose to play the written solo or improvise one of your own.

Watch the premiere performance

Fired Up! for 5 Trumpets was written in honor of master trumpet teacher Bill Adam. The work was titled "Fired Up!" because this is an expression Mr. Adam often uses to start a trumpet lesson: Let's get this thing fired up! Bill Adam Tribute Website.