80th Birthday
Pictures & Sounds

Fired Up! for 5 Trumpets

by David A. Roth

Photo courtesy of Mike Hackett
(left to right) Karl Sievers, Pat Harbison, Charley Davis,
Barry Springer and Robert Baca
Premiere of Fired Up! for 5 trumpets as a birthday gift to Bill Adam at his 80th Birthday Celebration in Bloomington, Indiana, on October 25, 1997. The work was titled "Fired Up!" because this is an expression Mr. Adam often uses to start a trumpet lesson: Let's get this thing fired up!

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Fired Up! for 5 Trumpets (premiere)
from Bill Adam 80th Celebration Surprise Party

Video courtesy of Eric Evans

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Rehearsal photos

The photos below were taken during the rehearsal for "Fired Up!" for 5 Trumpets at 7 p.m. on Friday, October 24, 1997 in room MA404 at the Indiana University School of Music. Photos courtesy David A. Roth.

Barry Springer and Karl Sievers.
Karl shares his realization with us that he is the only one in the room with a doctorate in music. We looked forward to his lecture at the Irish Lion's, a local pub in Bloomington that evening after the rehearsal. Graduate college credit was not given for attendance on this occasion. Barry looks on wondering as the rest of us did, why Karl looks exactly as he did when we were music students at IU about 20 years ago.

Pat Harbison, Barry Springer and Karl Sievers
Don't let the casual attire of Pat fool you, he stands ready to carry on the jazz tradition at IU since he has recently joined the school of music faculty in the jazz department.

Pat Harbison with Jack Cassidy on Stand-by
in case Robert Baca driving in from Wisconsin wasn't able to make the 7 PM rehearsal. Although you can't see it clearly in this photo, the subtle swaying of Jack comes from spending a lot of time playing aboard cruise ships.

Robert Baca, Pat Harbison, Barry Springer, Karl Sievers
Robert Baca being the pro he is, arrives in time for the rehearsal.

Charley Davis (aka Mr. Jetson)
If you own a radio, TV, record or CD player, then you are familiar with the sound of Charley Davis.

Marvin Stamm (far right)
rehearses with the trumpet section of the David Rosen Orchestra for the first public performance of Fired Up! for 5 Trumpets which took place in Little Rock, Arkansas on February 23, 1998.

(left to right) David A. Roth with the Fired Up! trumpet section at the 1998 ITG Conference:
Jay Coble, Karl Sievers, Robert Baca, Pat Harbison and Barry Springer
The fellows performed Fired Up! at the ITG Festival of Trumpets Conference on May 30, 1998, as a tribute to Bill Adam.
Click here to listen to their ITG Festival of Trumpets performance of Fired Up!
At the ITG banquet following the Festival of Trumpets Concert, ITG President Kim Dunnick formally recognized Bill Adam for his many achievements during a long and successful career.

Danielle Cirelli Graduate Recital
Morehead State University
Teacher: Gregory Wing, Associate Professor of Trumpet

(left to right) The Fired Up! trumpet section includes:
Josh Breckenridge, Ryan Ervin, Danielle Cirelli, Brian Harding and Ricky Spears
Performed at Duncan Recital Hall on May 2, 2010.
Click here to listen to their performance of Fired Up!

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