Bill Adam Tribute Web Site - 1998 ITG (International Trumpet Guild) Conference

Bill Adam Tribute Web Site

Bill Adam attended the 1998 ITG (International Trumpet Guild) Conference's Banquet, held on May 30, 1998, in Lexington, KY. At the Festival of Trumpets Concert earlier that evening, Mr. Adam was paid tribute as his former students Jay Coble, Robert Baca, Karl Sievers, Pat Harbison and Barry Springer performed Fired Up! for 5 Trumpets by David A. Roth. Fired Up! was composed in honor of Mr. Adam's 80th birthday celebration.

At the 1998 ITG banquet following the Festival of Trumpets Concert, ITG President Kim Dunnick formally recognized Bill Adam for his many achievements during a long and successful career.

Mr. Adam performed and lectured at the first ITG conference (held at Indiana University in 1975).

Folks who attended the 1998 ITG Conference and visited with Mr. Adam:

Lew Soloff & Bill Adam.

Bill Adam & Fred Powell.

Bill Adam & Louise Baranger.

Bill Adam & Vince DiMartino.

Joe Phelps, Bill Adam & Karl Sievers.

John Almeida, Bill Adam & Joe Phelps.

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